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Course 40501A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Container and DevOps

Container and DevOps

Build a PoC to deliver a multi-tenant web app hosting solution for medical conferences leveraging Azure Container Servic...

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Course 40502C: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Big Data & Visualization

Big Data & Visualization

Complete a web app using Machine Learning to predict travel delays given flight delay data and weather conditions. Plan ...

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Course 40505C: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Implement an end-to-end solution simulating high velocity data emitted from smart meters and analyzed in Azure. Create a...

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Course 40506C: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Lift and Shift/Azure Resource Manager

Lift and Shift/Azure Resource Manager

In this workshop, students will help a global publisher architect a solution to migrate their on-premises procurement sy...

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Course 40507-1C: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Microservices Architecture (Infrastructure Edition)

Microservices Architecture (Infrastructure Edition)

This course is designed to help attendees gain a better understanding of implementing architectures leveraging aspects f...

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Course 40508B: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Modern Cloud Apps

Modern Cloud Apps

Implement an end-to-end solution for e-commerce that is based on Azure App Services, Azure Active Directory, and Visual ...

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Course 40513A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Building a Resilient IaaS Architecture

Building a Resilient IaaS Architecture

Evaluate a large organization's current infrastructure deployments in Azure and identify single points of failure. Atten...

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Course 40515A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Enterprise-Class Networking in Azure

Enterprise-Class Networking in Azure

Configure a virtual network with Subnets in Azure, secure virtual networks with firewall rules and route tables, and set...

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Course 40527A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance

This whiteboard design session is designed to provide exposure to many of Microsoft Azure’s Security features. The goa...

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Course 40531B: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: IoT for Business

IoT for Business

Use the unique benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) to build a smart city solution to help improve traffic and public tr...

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Course 40534A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Securing PaaS

Securing PaaS

This workshop is designed to provide exposure to many of Microsoft Azure’s PaaS security features. The goal is to show...

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The course information above is subject to change without notification due to market trends in the industry, legislation and/or programme version updates.
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