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MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Maximizing PivotTable

This 1 day course provides students with the knowledge and skills to use the features and functions of Microsoft Office Excel PivotTable 2010 to accomplish analysis tasks.
Course Prerequisites:
This course is intended for users of Microsoft Office Excel who want to learn about the features of Microsoft ... Show More
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1 Day

Course Content

Module 1: Making Data Work For You
This module explains how to make use of Excel data and maximize it through the use of PivotTable.

• Maximize the Power of PivotTable
• Ask the Questions
• Get the Answer

Module 2: A Quick Tour
This module explains how to use determine the source needed to create its PivotTable report.

• Determine What You Need to Know
• Identify the Source
• Creating the Pivot Table
• Working with Pivot Table Layout

Lab : A Quick Tour

Module 3: Manipulating the PivotTable
This module explains how to rearrange the layout of the PivotTable.

• Rearranging the Layout
• Adding New Field
• Renaming a Field
• Formatting Numbers
• Changing Sorting Order
• Showing Top 10
• Refreshing Data

Lab : Manipulating the PivotTable

Module 4: Digging Deeper
This module explains how to group item, display subtotals and grandtotals within the PivotTable. It also introduce the feature of Slicer to display item in PivotTable.

• Grouping Items
• Displaying Subtotals
• Hiding/Showing Grand Totals
• Formatting PivotTable
• Using Slicer
• Formatting Slicer

Lab : Digging Deeper

Module 5: Beyond the Basics
This module explains how to create a second data field and changing the summary function with the PivotTable.

• Creating Second Data Field
• Changing the Summary Function
• Displaying Numerical Value as a Percentage of the Total
• Creating a Custom Calculation
• More Function in Custom Calculation

Lab : Beyond the Basics

Module 6: More PivotTable Calculations
This module explains how to insert formula within the PivotTable.

• Using Formulas
• Creating a Calculated Field
• Creating a Calculated Item
• Using GetPivotData Function
• Turn off GetPivotData Function

Lab : More PivotTable Calculations

Module 7: Optional Topics
This module explains how to create a PivotChart, Publishing PivotTable to the Web and using multiple source range for the PivotTable.

• Creating PivotChart
• Publishing PivotTable to the Web
• Using Multiple Source Ranges

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: April 24th, 2018

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