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Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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3 Days

Course Content

Module 01: Introduction to Customizing and Configuring Dynamics CRM

  • Module Overview
  • Dynamics CRM Overview
  • What is Dynamics Customization and Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Architecture
  • Customization Methodology
  • Module Review

Module 02: Configuring Dynamics CRM

  • Configuring CRM
  • Overview of CRM Security
  • User Administration
  • Mailboxes
  • Teams
  • Practice: Configure Business Units Users and Teams
  • Module Review

Module 03: The CRM Security Model

  • Purpose of the CRM Security Model
  • Privileges
  • Access Levels
  • Security Roles
  • Hierarchy Security
  • Hierarchy Types
  • Practice: Configure Dynamics CRM Security
  • Module Review

Module 04: Introduction to Solutions

  • Solutions Overview
  • Solution Details
  • Creating and Working with Solutions
  • Working with Solution Assets
  • Exporting Solutions
  • Importing Solutions
  • Practice: Create a Solution
  • Module Review

Module 05: Entity and Field Customization

  • Types Entities
  • Entity Ownership
  • Entity Properties
  • Managed Properties
  • System vs Custom Entities
  • Custom Entities and Security Roles
  • Practice: Create Custom Entities
  • Overview of Fields
  • Field Properties
  • Practice: Create Custom Fields
  • Practice: Create a Custom Activity Entity
  • Module Review

Module 06: Additional Field Customizations

  • Creating Fields to Meet Client Needs
  • Calculated Fields
  • Rollup Fields
  • Practice: Create a Calculated and Rollup fields
  • CRM Options Sets
  • Practice: Create and Modify a Global Option Set
  • Alternate Keys
  • Field Level Security
  • Practice: Configure Field Security
  • State and Status Reason Transitions
  • Module Review

Module 07: Relationships

  • Types of Relationships
  • How and Where They are Created
  • Cascading Rules
  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Hierarchical Data
  • Entity Mapping
  • Practice: Customize Relationship Mappings
  • Connection and Connection Roles
  • Practice: Create a Hierarchical Relationship
  • Module Review

Module 08: Customizing Forms

  • Form Types
  • Qualities of a good form
  • Building a Form
  • Practice: Add Fields to Forms
  • Specialized Form Components
  • Access Teams and Sub Grids
  • Practice: Create a Role-Based Form
  • Working with Navigation
  • Additional Form Types
  • Multiple Forms
  • Practice: Create and Configure an Access Team Template
  • Form Customizations and Mobile Clients
  • Module Review

Module 09: Business Rules

  • Business Rules
  • Business Rule Scope
  • Triggering Rules
  • Conditions and Actions
  • Else Conditions and Actions Occur when conditions are True
  • Practice: Create a Business Rule
  • Module Review

Module 10: Views and Visualizations

  • Using Views
  • View Customization
  • Practice: Create a Custom View
  • System View Types Quick Find
  • Practice: Modify the Quick Find View
  • Customizing Charts
  • Practice: Create a Custom Chart
  • Customizing Dashboards
  • Practice: Create a Modified Dashboard
  • Themes
  • Practice: Create and Apply a Dynamics CRM Theme
  • Module Review

Module 11: Introduction to Processes

  • Processes and Automation
  • Workflow Basics
  • Conditions and Actions
  • Practice: Design a Workflow that Automatically Creates and Assigns Feedback Activities
  • Module Review

Module 12: Business Process Flows

  • What are CRM Business Process Flows
  • Enabling Business Process Flows
  • Steps Stages and Categories
  • Conditional Branching
  • Practice: Create a Multi Entity Business Process Flow
  • Module Review

Module 13: Bringing it all together

  • Review of Customization Topics Covered
  • Scenario
  • Packaging in a Solution
  • Module Review

Module 14: Course Review

  • Course Review
CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 17th, 2017

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