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Course MB-330T02-A: Use quality management, Intercompany trading and master planning in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Organizations use Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to automate and streamline your supply chain, by modernizing business logistics, delivering timely customer response, getting ahead with predictive insights, stre... Show More
Course Prerequisites:
Basic understanding of ERP, CRM concepts.
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1 Day

Module 1: Configure and Use Quality Control and Management Processes

In this module, we describe how to configure and use quality control in Finance and Operations, how you can use quality control functionality, how to define and maintain nonconformances, and how to handle corrections. But let’s first get familiar with the quality management overall processes.

  • Introduction
  • Perform quality control and management processes
  • Apply inventory blocking
  • Perform quarantine management
  • Practice labs
  • Module summary

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Module 2: Configure and Use Intercompany Trade Relations

The Intercompany functionality in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations provides a mechanism for the consolidation of static and dynamic data from multiple companies as separate legal entities in a single database. Intercompany Trade enables globally dispersed manufacturing sites, distribution centers, and sales subsidiaries to act as one unified organization. This topic explains how to configure and use the intercompany trade relations and process intercompany orders in Finance and Operations.

  • Introduction
  • Understand intercompany trading
  • Setup intercompany trade relations
  • Process intercompany chain orders
  • Setup intercompany agreements and direct deliveries
  • Practice labs
  • Module summary

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Module 3: Configure and Use Master Planning

This topic explains how to configure and use the master planning in Finance and Operations.

  • Introduction
  • Master planning considerations and setup
  • Create master plans
  • Learn about demand and supply forecasts
  • Configure item coverage
  • Brief introduction to intercompany planning
  • Run plans and firm planned orders
  • Practice labs
  • Module summary

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Module 4: Course Conclusion

Final assessment and course summary, as well as a post-course survey for the course.

  • Final assessment
  • Course summary
  • Post-course survey

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: May 29th, 2019

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