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This course retires 31 January 2021

Course 20497: Software Testing with Visual Studio 2013

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Course Prerequisites:
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5 Days or 8 Evenings

31 January 2021

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management

This module introduces the core technologies and practices that a software development team needs to understand in order to set up and use Visual Studio Online. Understanding the core technologies and practices will help the software development team to plan and track the software development and testing effort.


  • Software Testing in an Agile World
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Visual Studio Online
  • Team Projects
  • The Fabrikam Fiber Case Study

Lab : Configuring the Learning Environment

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Module 2: Planning and Tracking Work

This module introduces the practices and tools that are used to create and manage a product backlog, plan a sprint, and create and track the work during the sprint.


  • Writing Agile Requirements
  • Capturing Agile Requirements
  • Planning a Sprint

Lab : Planning the Development Effort

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Module 3: Planning the Testing Effort

This module introduces the practices and activities that are used to plan the testing effort by using Microsoft Test Manager. The module also covers how to use Microsoft Test Manager to create test plans, test suites, and test cases.


  • Knowing What to Test
  • Microsoft Test Manager
  • Organizing the Testing Effort
  • The Test Case

Lab : Planning the Testing Effort

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Module 4: Running Manual Tests

This module introduces the tools and practices that a software development team will use to run manual tests by using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).


  • Knowing Where and When to Test
  • Running a Manual Test
  • Recording and Playing Back
  • Collecting Data
  • Viewing and Analyzing Test Results

    Lab : Running Manual Tests

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Module 5: Testing in the Real World

This module introduces additional tools and practices that a software development team can use to solve problems that come up when testing real applications in dynamic environments.


  • Using Parameters and Shared Steps
  • Testing on Different Configurations
  • Testing in Team Web Access
  • Exploratory Testing

Lab : Testing in the Real World

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Module 6: Improving Testing Practices

This module encourages the students to think about the future. Manual testing is pretty straightforward, and Microsoft Test Manager makes it simpler. However, high-performance teams that release new editions of applications regularly need automation, complex test environments, and a plan to evolve their test plan from sprint to sprint. This module covers all of these topics.


  • Automating Test Cases
  • Promoting Test Cases

Lab : Improving Testing Practices

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