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UNIX Fundamentals

This course is an extensive introduction to the UNIX® operating system and how to use its many commands and utilities. It also covers the standard UNIX system file editor and basic shell programming. This course is the ... Show More
Course Prerequisites:
General Computer Literacy
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Course Price (ILT)

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5 Days

Course Content

  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Logging In and General Orientation
  • UNIX structure and capability overview
  • UNIX history and standards
  • Logging in and out
  • Viewing online man pages
  • Executing basic UNIX commands
  • Navigating the File System
  • Managing Files
  • File Permissions and Access
  • Introduction to the vi Editor
  • Shell Basics
  • Shell Advanced Features
  • File Name Generation
  • Quoting
  • Input and Output Redirection
  • UNIX file system layout concepts
  • Absolute and relative pathname concepts
  • Navigating and viewing directories
  • Creating and removing directories
  • Searching directories
  • File concepts and characteristics
  • Viewing and managing files
  • Printing files
  • UNIX file permission concepts
  • Managing file permissions
  • Managing other attributes with chgrp, chown, and touch
  • Changing user and group identities
  • Editing files with vi editor
  • Shell features and types
  • Using command aliasing
  • Using command line recall and editing
  • Modifying TERM, PATH, and other environment variables
  • Shell substitution capabilities
  • Set and modify shell variables
  • Transfer local variables to the environment
  • Make variables available to subprocesses
  • How a process is created
  • File name generation character concepts
  • File name generation characters: ?, [], and *
  • Quoting concepts and characters
  • Redirecting standard input, standard output, and standard error
  • Using sort, wc, and grep filters
  • Pipes
  • Using Network Services
  • Process Control
  • Introduction to Shell Programming
  • Shell Programming – Branches
  • Shell Programming – Loops
  • Offline File Storage
  • Shell pipeline concepts
  • Using tee, cut, tr, more, and pr filters
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Hostnames
  • Testing connectivity
  • ARPA services
  • Berkeley services
  • Secure shell Services
  • Process overview
  • Listing processes
  • Starting processes in the background
  • Moving jobs to the background and foreground
  • Prioritizing and scheduling processes
  • Terminating processes
  • Writing simple shell programs
  • Using environment variables in shell scripts
  • Using positional parameters in shell scripts
  • Using read in shell scripts
  • Using if and case constructs for conditional branching
  • Using and generating return codes
  • Using string, integer, and file tests
  • Performing arithmetic in the shell
  • Shell script while loops
  • Shell script until loops!Shell script for loops
  • Creating and using tar archives
  • Creating and using cpio archives

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