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Windows 8 End User

Unpacking your Windows 8 device will bring along with it the excitement of leveraging the potentials of this new operating system. Windows 8 is the latest offering from Microsoft in the operating system space. Windows reimagined. You will need to understand the capabilities of this new operating system as to utilize the tools and applications it to its maximum and not to revert back to using it like you used your previous version.In this module you will learn what you can do with Windows 8. You will go over a quick overview of the system from starting the system up, looking at the start screen and desktop, learning how to use the mouse and the touch devices with its basic gestures and finally restarting and shutting down your system.
Duration: 1 Day   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
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Course Content

Windows 8 End User
1 Day

Windows 8 End User
1 Day

Module 1: Getting started with Windows 8
• Overview
• Lesson 1.1: Start Windows 8
• Lesson 1.2: The Windows 8 Start Screen
• Lesson 1.3: The Windows 8 Desktop
• Lesson 1.4: Using the mouse in Windows 8
• Lesson 1.5: Using Windows 8 on a tablet PC
• Lesson 1.6: Restarting and Shutting down Windows 8

Module 2: Working with the ModernUI and Apps
• Overview
• Lesson 2.1: Launching Apps
• Lesson 2.2: Installing Live Essentials Programs
• Lesson 2.3: Starting an App
• Lesson 2.4: Utilizing the Ribbons
• Lesson 2.5: Pull-down Menus and Toolbars
• Lesson 2.6: Switching between Running Apps
• Lesson 2.7: Uninstalling an App

Module 3: Working with the Internet, Email, People and Appointments
• Overview
• Lesson 3.1: Open and Closing mail
• Lesson 3.2: Adding someone to your contacts
• Lesson 3.3: Replying and Forwarding mail
• Lesson 3.4: Switching to Calendar
• Lesson 3.5: Creating and Appointment

Module 4: Working with Files and Folders
• Overview
• Lesson 4.1: View your files
• Lesson 4.2: Selecting files
• Lesson 4.3: Previewing files
• Lesson 4.4: Copy and Move files
• Lesson 4.5: Renaming files and folders
• Lesson 4.6: Creating New Files and Deleting Old Ones
• Lesson 4.7: Restoring Deleted Files

Module 5: Working with Images and Media
• Overview
• Lesson 5.1: Open your Windows 8 Picture Library
• Lesson 5.2: Previewing and Viewing Images
• Lesson 5.3: Cropping Images
• Lesson 5.4: Rotating and Straightening Images
• Lesson 5.5: Open and Closing Media Player
• Lesson 5.6: Navigating Windows Media Player
• Lesson 5.7: Creating a playlist and playing a Music CD
• Lesson 5.8: Burning Music Files to CD

Module 6: Editing Documents
• Overview
• Lesson 6.1: Creating Documents
• Lesson 6.2: Saving a Document
• Lesson 6.3: Opening Documents
• Lesson 6.4: Editing Documents
• Lesson 6.5: Formatting Text
• Lesson 6.6: Finding Text and Replacing

Module 7: How to Customize your Windows 8 Device
• Overview
• Lesson 7.1: How to customize the Start Screen
• Lesson 7.2: Pin an App to display on the Start Screen
• Lesson 7.3: Changing the Start Screen and Lock screen background
• Lesson 7.4: Customizing the Lock Screen
• Lesson 7.5: Syncing between Devices
• Lesson 7.6: Working with App Features
• Lesson 7.7: Pinning Apps

Module 8: Windows 8 Maintenance and Security
• Overview
• Lesson 8.1: Hard drive maintenance Error Checking
• Lesson 8.2: Refreshing your computer
• Lesson 8.3: Creating a Recovery Drive
• Lesson 8.4: Creating a System image Backup
• Windows 8 Short Cut Keys

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 10th, 2017

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