Certified Internet Web Professional Training courses

ciw training courses
As a CIW Academic Partner, CTU Training Solutions is able to provide outstanding Internet technology and job-readiness training and certification for all our students. When we offer CIW programs, our students will get the education, skills and hands-on experience they need to increase their achievement levels and reach their educational and technical goals.

Over the past decade, the demand for qualified Web professionals with proven Internet skills has increased dramatically. In today’s digital economy, it is more important than ever for individuals to obtain solid technical training skills and certified proof of their Internet knowledge to secure the best job opportunities that are currently available. Improve your skills by applying for any of our CIW Training Courses

CIW Certification Track

CIW Certification Track

Available CIW Training Courses

The course information below is subject to change without notification due to market trends in the industry, legislation and/or programme version updates.

CIW Courses

Course NameDurationView Course
CIW E-Commerce Specialist5 DaysView Course
CIW Internet Business Associate5 DaysView Course
CIW Network Technology Associate5 DaysView Course
CIW Site Development Associate5 DaysView Course
CIW Web Design Specialist5 DaysView Course
CIW Data Analyst5 DaysView Course
CTU Training Solutions | Updated: March 22nd, 2017