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Implementing Cisco IP Routing (v2.0)

This is a Professional-level self-study technical course in the curriculum for the CCNP Route & Switch certification. This is an advanced course on Cisco routing configuration. Upon completion of this course students wil... Show More
Course Prerequisites:
The knowledge and skills recommended before attending this course are: Describing network fundamentals Est... Show More
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Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Attend training in a classroom environment at a campus near you. Instructor-led training is still the number one delivery method of choice because it allows you to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting, and you gain access to expert knowledge from certified instructors. This form of guided learning is impactful and produces positive learning outcomes. Day, evening and Saturday classes are offered.

1 Year

Course Schedule

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Course Content

  • Section 1: Describing Routing Protocols
  • Section 2: Implementing RIPng
  • Section 3: Implementing EIGRP
  • Section 4: Configure EIGRP for IPv6
  • Section 5: Discovering Named EIGRP Configuration
  • Section 6: Establishing OSPF
  • Section 7: Optimizing OSPF Behavior
  • Section 8: Configuring OSPFv3
  • Section 9: Configuring Redistribution
  • Section 10: Implementing Path Control
  • Section 11: Establishing Internet Connectivity
  • Section 12: Implementing BGP
  • Section 13: Implementing BGP for IPv6
  • Section 14: Securing Cisco Routers
  • Section 15: Configuring EIGRP Authentication
  • Section 16: Configuring OSPF and BGP Authentication

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Labs Outline

This course contains 38 hands-on virtual lab exercises. The labs included in this course are:

  • Discovery Lab 2.3: Configuring RIPng
  • Challenge Lab 2.5: Configure RIPng
  • Discovery Lab 3.5: Configuring and Investigating Basic EIGRP
  • Discovery Lab 3.10: Building the EIGRP Topology Table
  • Discovery Lab 3.19: EIGRP Stub Routing
  • Discovery Lab 3.22: EIGRP Summarization
  • Discovery Lab 3.24: EIGRP Load Balancing
  • Challenge Lab 3.25: Configure EIGRP
  • Discovery Lab 4.3: EIGRP for IPv6 Configuration
  • Challenge Lab 4.5: Configure and Optimize EIGRP for IPv6
  • Discovery Lab 5.3: Discovering the Named EIGRP Configuration
  • Challenge Lab 5.6: Implement EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6 through Named Configuration
  • Discovery Lab 6.7: Basic OSPF Configuration Introduction
  • Discovery Lab 6.15: Building the Link-State Database
  • Discovery Lab 6.20: OSPF Path Selection
  • Challenge Lab 6.24: Configure OSPF
  • Discovery Lab 7.4: OSPF Route Summarization
  • Discovery Lab 7.8: OSPF Stub Areas
  • Challenge Lab 7.12: Optimize OSPF
  • Discovery Lab 8.2: Implementing OSPFv3
  • Challenge Lab 8.5: Configure OSPFv3
  • Discovery Lab 9.6: Basic Redistribution
  • Discovery Lab 9.15: Manipulate Redistribution
  • Discovery Lab 9.21: Manipulate Redistribution Using Route Maps
  • Challenge Lab 9.25: Implement Redistribution Using Route Filtering
  • Discovery Lab 10.6: Analyzing Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Discovery Lab 10.11: Implementing PBR
  • Challenge Lab10.16: Implement Path Control
  • Discovery Lab11.16: Configuring NAT Virtual Interface
  • Discovery Lab 11.18: Basic IPv6 Internet Connectivity
  • Discovery Lab 12.14: Basic BGP Configuration
  • Discovery Lab 12.20: Influencing BGP Path Selection
  • Challenge Lab 12.33: Configuring BGP
  • Discovery Lab 13.5: BGP for IPv6
  • Discovery Lab 15.3: Configuring EIGRP Authentication
  • Challenge Lab 15.7: Configure Authentication for EIGRP Routes
  • Discovery Lab 16.3: OSPF Authentication Configuration
  • Challenge Lab 16.9: Configuring BGP Authentication

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