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CBP Sales

The CBP™ Sales Certification lays the foundation for professional selling by developing the selling process using effective sales methodologies. You will learn the skills and tactics of the leading sales professionals and take part in interactive scenarios to master those skills. The CBP™ Sales certification module covers all the major sales stages and teaches the best practices in the sales industry.
Duration: 2 Days   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Virtual Lecturer-led Interactive Teaching (VLIT)

Virtual instruction environments are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience. Instructor-led training is still the number one delivery method of choice because it allows you to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting, and you gain access to expert knowledge from certified instructors. This form of guided learning is impactful and produces positive learning outcomes. Day, evening and Saturday classes are offered.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Selling
• Defining Selling
• The Definition of a Seller
• The Definition of a Buyer
• Selling
• Sales Requirements
• Sales Strategies and Tactics
• Attitude
• Ways we sell
• Person-to-Person
• Telemarketing
• Direct Mail
• Email
• Internet
• Seminars & Conferences
• The Selling Process – Strategies & Tactics
• The Selling Process
• Sales Stages
• Product Knowledge
• Develop a Positive Sales Attitude
• Enjoy Selling
• Be Excited

Module 2: Prospecting Success Strategies
• Prospecting
• What is prospecting?
• What is a prospect?
• A Customer Profile
• Building your Customer Profile
• Channel Ratings
• Lead Channels
• Decision Making Authority
• The Decision Maker
• The Decision Influencer
• Political Influence
• Financial Influence
• Technical Influence
• End-User
• Product: SecureCar

Module 3: First Contact Success Strategies
• First Contact
• Establishing Buyer Trust
• Building Rapport
• Smile
• Handshake
• Let’s have some fun
• Use Names
• Let the Fun Continue
• Be Sincere and Friendly
• Using a Trust Substitute
• Common Ground
• Compliment and Affirm
• Professional Greeting
• Professional Image
• Be on Time
• Body Language and Eye Contact
• Step 1 – Greeting
• Step 2 – Introduction & Rapport
• Attention Grabbers

Module 4: Qualification Success Strategies
• Qualification
• The Qualification
• Buying Criteria
• Buying Motive
• Qualification Steps
• Discovery Questions
• Discovery Questioning Styles
• Close-Ended Questions
• Open-Ended Questions
• Alternative Questions
• Assessment Questions
• Reward Questions
• Effective Listening

Module 5: Presentation Success Strategies
• The Presentation Stage
• Delivering a Prospect-specific Presentation
• Prospect-specific information
• Buyer Motives
• Personal Attention
• Safety
• Financial
• To Own Things
• Proof-of-Success
• Product Demonstration
• Success Stories
• Customer Testimonials
• Industry Reviews and Evaluation
• Awards
• Feedback
• Keys to a Powerful Presentation
• Energy & Passion
• Be Positive
• Assume the Sale
• Summarize
• Exercise

Module 6: Successful Objection Resolution
• Strategies
• Resolving Objections
• Create Objection Responses that reduce Conflict
• Acknowledge
• Identify with
• Resolve
• Product/Service: SecureCar
• Uncovering Hidden Objections
• Hidden Objection
• Ready to close
• Ready to close but has a fear of buying

Module 7: Successful Closing Strategies
• Closing Stage
• The Fear Barrier
• Seller’s Fear
• Buyer’s Fear
• Buying Signals
• Verbal Buying Signals
• Non-Verbal Buying Signals
• Strategies for closing the sale
• Direct Close
• Minor Point Close
• Alternative/Multiple Choice Close
• Action Close
• Opportunity Windows Close
• Benefits Close
• Trial Product Close
• Objection Close
• What do you do if your prospect says no
• What do you do when a sale is lost?

Module 8: Wrap-up & Follow-up Strategies
• Wrap up & Follow up
• Referrals
• Follow up & Repeat Sales
• Strategies that create repeat sales

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 7th, 2017

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