CBP Business Management course 2015

CBP Business Management

The CBP Business Management course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to make decisions that are important to the direction and performance of an organization or business. It is a practical, inter-active workshop based course that simulates situations in the workplace environment. The CBP Business Management course is recommended for managers, supervisors, or for individuals who desire to successfully supervise or manage business processes effectively and efficiently.
Duration: 4 Days   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Virtual Interactive Lecturer-led Teaching (VILT)

Virtual instruction environments are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience. Instructor-led training is still the number one delivery method of choice because it allows you to interact and discuss the training material, either individually or in a group setting, and you gain access to expert knowledge from certified instructors. This form of guided learning is impactful and produces positive learning outcomes. Day, evening and Saturday classes are offered.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Business Management
• What is Management
• What’s the Role of Management
• Styles of Management
• The Business Environment
• Laws Affecting the Business Environment

Module 2: Business Skills for Managing
• Leadership vs. Management
• Effective Decision Making
• Business Communication
• Communication and Vision
• Strategies for Team Building
• Business Plan Development
• Time Management

Module 3: Organize and Prioritize
• How to Organize Paper and Computer Files
• How to Prioritize Tasks
• Other Forms of Organization

Module 4: Delegation without Micromanagement
• Trusting Employees
• Successfully Delegating Tasks
• Monitoring for Delegation

Module 5: Technology Micromanagement
• Technology and Management
• Computer Software
• Applications Enhance the Managers Capability
• Computers and Functionality
• Technological Opportunities

Module 6: Marketing Management
• What is Marketing Management
• Why do you need a marketing strategy
• Creating a Marketing Plan
• Marketing Measurement and Control Systems

Module 7: Operations Management
• Process Improvement
• Measures and Controls for Quality
• Types of Control Measures
• Financial Control Measures

Module 8: Financial Management
• The Importance of Budgets
• Identifying Budget Categories
• Accounting Terms you should know
• Determining Assets
• Liabilities
• What is Equity
• Reading a Financial Statement
• Double-Entry Accounting

Module 9: HR Management
• Human Resource Management
• What to look for in a Job Candidate
• Motivating Employees to Perform Well
• When is punishment appropriate
• Terminating employees
• Ethics in Management

Module 10: Risk Management
• Types of Risk Management
• Steps of the Risk Management Process
• Risk Assessment
• Development of a Risk Management Plan
• Plan Review and Adjustments

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 7th, 2017

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