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CBP (Certified Business Professional) Courses

cbp training courses
Certified Business Professional: CBPTM will elevate the basic business standard among business professionals ensuring that every person in a company is operating at the same level, regardless of job role. The Certified Business Professional Program is an international industry credential that validates and develops the competency for entry-level business professional. The CBP program establishes a foundation-level, industry-neutral certification for business professionals enabling employers and the candidate to have a foundation to develop the Certified Business Professional (CBP) for targeted positions within corporations. Apply for any CBP Training Courses from CTU.

The CBP also develops important life-skills that transcend the work environment into many aspects of living. A typical candidate is a professional in pursuit of excellence who is committed to exceeding and surpassing all standards for the business professional. Candidates can earn CBP Certification in various ways, from the CBP Professional level to the CBP Executive Level, continuing to CBP Master Executive Level certifications.

CBP Certification Track

CBP Certification Track

Available CBP Training Courses

The course information below is subject to change without notification due to market trends in the industry, legislation and/or programme version updates.

CBP Courses

Course NameDurationView Course
CBP Business Communication2 DaysView Course
CBP Business Etiquette2 DaysView Course
CBP Business Management4 DaysView Course
CBP Computer Technology4 DaysView Course
CBP Customer Service2 DaysView Course
CBP Leadership2 DaysView Course
CBP Project Management4 DaysView Course
CBP Sales2 DaysView Course
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