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Autodesk User Inventor

During this course, we will introduce students to Inventor with real-world projects, hands-on tutorials, and full-colour illustrations. Each module begins with a quick discussion of concepts and learning goals and then moves into approachable, hands-on exercises. We will cover the interface and foundational concepts, modelling parts, combining them into assemblies building with the frame generator, using weldments. This course will help prepare you for the Inventor certification exams
Duration: 12 Days or 24 Evenings   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Computer Literacy
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Course Content

Chapter 1: Connecting to the Interface

  • Exploring the Graphical User Interface
  • Setting Application Options
  • Using Visualization Tools
  • Working with Project Files

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Chapter 2: Introducing Parametric Sketching

  • Exploring the Essential Elements of a 2D Sketch
  • Controlling a Sketch
  • Using Dimensional Sketch Constraints
  • Defining and Placing Sketches

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Chapter 3: Introducing Part Modeling

  • Creating 3D Geometry: The Parametric Solid Model
  • Defining the Base Feature
  • Defining Axial Features
  • Building Complex Shapes
  • Including Placed Features
  • The Hole Feature

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Chapter 4: Creating 2D Drawings from 3D Data

  • Drawing Views of a Part
  • Editing Views
  • Adding Detail to Drawing Views
  • Dimensioning

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Chapter 5: Introducing Assembly Modeling

  • Creating an Assembly
  • Understanding Grounded Components
  • Applying Assembly Constraints
  • Working with the Content Center
  • Using the Bolted Connection Generator
  • Joints: An Alternative to Constraints

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Chapter 6: Exploring Part Modeling

  • Modeling using Primitives
  • Understanding Work Features
  • Using Sketched Feature Termination Options
  • Editing and Redefining Work Features

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Chapter 7: Advanced Part Modeling

  • Creating 3D Sketches
  • Building a Hole Pattern
  • Exploring Advanced Efficiency Features

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Chapter 8: Creating Advanced Drawings and Annotations

  • Creating Advanced Drawing Views
  • Using Advanced Drawing Annotation Tools

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Chapter 9: Advanced Assembly and Engineering Tools

  • Controlling the Assembly Environment
  • Using Design Accelerators
  • Working with Additional Assembly Tools

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Chapter 10: Creating Sculpted and Multibody Parts

  • Developing Specialized Features for Plastic Components
  • Creating an Assembly Using a Multibody Solid to Maintain a Consistent Shape

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Chapter 11: Working with Sheet Metal Parts

  • Defining Sheet Metal Material Styles
  • Building Sheet Metal Components
  • Preparing the Part for Manufacture
  • Documenting Sheet Metal Parts

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Chapter 12: Building with the Frame Generator

  • Creating Metal Frames
  • Editing Metal Frames
  • Controlling Frame Documentation

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Chapter 13: Working in a Weldment Environment

  • Converting an Assembly
  • Calculating a Fillet Weld
  • Preparing to Apply Weld Features
  • Applying Weld Features
  • Adding Machined Features to the Weldment
  • Documenting Welds and Weldments

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: November 6th, 2018

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