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AutoDesk 2012 Inventor Essentials

Course Prerequisites:
AutoDesk, Computer Literacy and Windows 7
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2 Days

Course Content

Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Inventor fundamentals
Autodesk Inventor Interface
Model manipulation

Creating the Base Features
Creating a new part file
Sketched Base features
Primitive Base features

Sketching Geometry
Sketch Geometry

Additional Sketching Tools
Advanced editing tools
Rectangular sketch patterns
Circular sketch patterns
Over-dimensioned sketches
Sketch preferences

Sketched Secondary Features
Using existing geometry
Extruded secondary features
Revolved secondary features
Editing sketched secondary features
Grip Modification

Creating Pick and Place Features
Edge chamfer
Constant fillets
Variable fillets
Face fillets
Full round fillets
Straight holes
Editing pick and place features
Creating sequence

Work Features
Work Planes
Word Axes
Word Point


Additional Features
Face draft
Splitting a face or part
Blend part

Model and Display Manipulation
Reordering features
Inserting features
Suppressing features
Section views
Design views

Fixing Problems
Sketch failure
Feature failure

Sweep Features
Sweep features

Loft Features
Rail lifts
Center line lofts
Advanced loft options

Duplication Tools
Rectangular feature patterns
Circular feature patterns
Mirror parts of features
Manipulate patterns and mirror features

Feature Relationships
Establishing relationships
Controlling relationships
Investigation relationships
Changing relationships

Assembly Environment
Assembling components
Content center
Assembly browser
Saving files

Manipulating Assembly Display
Moving and rotating assembly components
Suppressing constraints
Component display
Selection options in assemblies

Model Information
Model properties

Design Presentation and Animation
Exploded view presentations

Assembly Tools
Replacing components
Restructuring components
Driving constraints
Contact solver
Error recovery

Assembly Parts and Features
Assembly parts
Assembly features

Assembly Bill of Materials
Create virtual components
Create bill of materials

Working with Projects
New projects
Resolving links
The Vault browser

Drawing with Basics
New drawing views
Manipulating views

Detailing Drawings
Drawing sheets
Parts list
Styles and standards

Drawing Annotations
Hole and thread notes
Chamfer notes
Center marks and center lines
Hole tables
Revisions tables and tags

Customizing Autodesk Inventor
Application options
Document settings
File properties
Changing part units
Command customization

CTU Training Solutions , Updated: July 7th, 2017

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