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AutoCad (User)

The aim of this course is to develop students’ ability to effectively apply a computer program to design and draft plans of an architectural and mechanical nature. Students are required to complete a number of class exercises as well as formative assessments. The completion of these exercises and formative assessments are instrumental to develop knowledge and skills required to complete drawings on a computer aided draughting station
Duration: 5 Sessions (Day classes)
10 Sessions(Evening classes)   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
National Senior Certificte (Grade 12), Basic computer literacy, Access to AutoCad
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Students are introduced to the following aspects of AutoCad:

• Exploring the Interface
• Creating Your First Drawing
• Setting Up and Using the Drafting Tools
• Editing Entities
• Shaping Curves
• Controlling Object Visibility and Appearance
• Facilitator to demonstrate practical steps of chapters previously covered in theory Chapter 4-6 and
assist students with chapter exercises.
• Organizing Objects
• Hatching and Gradients
• Facilitator to demonstrate practical steps of chapters previously covered in theory Chapter 7-8 and
assist students with chapter exercises.
• Working with Block and Xrefs
• Creating and Editing Text
• Facilitator to demonstrate practical steps of chapters previously covered in theory Chapter 9-10 and
assist students with chapter exercises.
• Dimensioning
• Keeping in Control with Constraints
• Working with Layouts and Annotative Object
• Printing and Plotting
Working with Data
• Navigating 3D Models
• AutoCad 3D modelling
• Presenting and Documentation 3D Design

Course Content

Operate a computer workstation in a business environment(2 Credits)

Unit standard no: 114979

Specific Outcome

  • Explain basic IT concept.
  • Identify and operate the hardware in a specific workstation
  • Use a computer operating system.
  • Demonstrate basic maintenance procedures

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Demonstrate an understanding of measuring instruments used in Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) practice(5 Credits)

Unit standard no: 263023

Specific Outcome

  • Describe the functions of measuring instruments
  • Use measuring instruments to obtain measurements as per specification

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Plan and produce two dimensional (2D) Computer Aided Drawings (CAD)(5 Credits)

Unit standard no: 263024

Specific Outcome

  • Prepare the computer environment for using CAD software.
  • Prepare to produce a 2D computer aided drawing
  • Verify the interpretation of job requirements.
  • Produce a detailed computer aided drawing.

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