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Nano Programmes

Did your study savings take an unexpected hit?

Do you feel like the #futureyou will have to take a back seat?

How Nano Programmes work and can help you.

1) Choose your academic programme.

2) Plan your education to suit your financial position and schedule.

3) HOW ? Complete - and pay for - one Nano Programme at a time.

4) When? Slot your Nano Programme progression into any one of our 4 academic cycles.

academic cycles

Let's break it down: the pizza is the academic programme that you want to complete at CTU Training Solutions. Each slice represents a Nano Programme of that Full Programme. (The number of slices depends on the content of your chosen programme.) You have to complete the Nano Programme in chronological order (Eating one slice at a time), but you can space them into different academic cycles - giving you time to plan and schedule the registration of the next Nano Programme - to suit your budget and time availability.

Next Intakes:

Full Qualification Part Time - Cycle 2
Start Date: 26 July 2021
Available Programmes:
All Vocational Programmes
Available at:
All Campuses

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