Master Robotic Process Automation with CTU and UiPath

Welcome to CTU’s RPA learning series, powered by our partnership with UiPath in association with LLPA.  

Whether you’re looking to understand the basics of RPA or ready to dive into advanced design and development, our courses are tailored to meet you where you are. 

RPA is not just a skill, it’s a career game-changer. Industries worldwide are adopting automation to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and innovate processes. By mastering RPA, you’re not just learning to automate tasks; you’re preparing to meet the needs of tomorrow’s job market. 

The UiPath series includes: 

  • Introduction to RPA for Business 

  • SAP Automation with RPA 

  • Step into Robotics Process Automation 

  • Robotics Process Automation Design & Development 

  • RPA Advanced Design and Development v4.0 

Each course is designed with depth, flexibility, and practical application in mind. Learn at your pace and elevate your skills with the latest in AI-powered automation. 

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Introduction to RPA for Business v4.0


Robotic Process Automation Design & Development v4.0


Step into Robotic Process Automation v4.0