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Language and communication Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

Purpose of the unit standard

The purpose of this unit standard is to facilitate learning and to ensure that learners are able to cope with learning in the context of learnerships, skills programmes, and other learning programmes. Many adult learners in the FET band have not been in a learning situation for a long time, and need learning and study strategies and skills to enable successful progression.
Learners competent at this level will be able to deal with learning materials, to access and use useful resources, to seek clarification and help when necessary, and apply a range of learning
strategies. They do this with an understanding of the features and processes of the workplace and occupations to which their learning programme refer.

Learners credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Access and use suitable learning resources
  • Use learning strategies
  • Manage occupational learning programme materials
  • Conduct basic research, analyse and present findings
  • Function in a team
  • Reflect on how characteristics of the workplace and occupational context affect learning

Course Content

Specific Outcome 1: Access and use available learning resources.

  • Relevant learning resources are identified.
  • Learning resources are used effectively through appropriate selection of information and acknowledgement of sources

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Specific Outcome 2: Use learning strategies

  • Information is summarised and used for learning purposes
  • Specific techniques are selected and applied appropriately
  • Relevant questions are asked
  • Texts are read/viewed for detail, interpreted and analysed for a given context.

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