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CTU Young Coders!

Are you tired of coding just for the sake of coding? Well, how about using your coding skills to solve real-world problems? That’s right, put those skills to work and make a difference in the world! You have the power to make an impact, so why not use it for good?

Let’s show the world what we coders can do!

Choose a project

and join the Hackathon challenge

Project A: Electronic Health Record System Software Development

The objective of this project is to develop a customized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system software to improve the management and accessibility of patient health information for healthcare facilities. Electronic Health Records (EHR) refer to digital versions of patients’ medical records that can be easily accessed and shared among healthcare providers. EHR systems have revolutionized healthcare by providing a more efficient and comprehensive approach to managing patient data.

Project B: Medication Management System Software Development

The project objective of a Medication Management System software development is to create a software application to help individuals manage their medications more effectively, improve medication adherence, and ultimately improve health outcomes. A Medication Management System is a digital tool that helps patients manage their medication regimens. It can include medication reminders, tracking, refill alerts, and communication with healthcare providers. The system can be implemented through mobile applications, web-based portals, or electronic health records. The Medication Management System aims to improve medication adherence, reduce medication errors, and enhance patient outcomes.

Project C: Health Information Exchange System Software Development

The project objective of Health Information Exchange (HIE) system software development is to create a secure and efficient platform for the electronic sharing of patient health information between different healthcare providers and organizations. The ultimate goal of the HIE system software development project is to improve care coordination, reduce medical errors, and enhance the overall quality of care for patients.

Project D: Telemedicine System Software Development

The project objective of telemedicine software development is to create a platform or application that enables remote communication and care delivery between patients and healthcare providers. This software is designed to provide a secure, user-friendly, and efficient means of delivering healthcare services at a distance, overcoming barriers to access such as geographic location, mobility limitations, or provider shortages.

Exciting Prizes Await Hackathon Participants!

Entries close 31 March 2023

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