Why is your CV so important?

You are always told not to judge a book by its cover. BUT! When it comes to applying for a vacancy you will be judged on the appearance of your cv.

A few things to remember before you send out your cv:

  • Double check your spelling (Spell check is your friend!)
  • Check that your text is aligned and that its not all over the place.
  • Make sure that everything is the same font size.

The reason for this is if your CV is not neat and has errors you will most likely be unsuccessful in your application.

Setting up your CV

  • When listing your tertiary education, always list where you studied and what year you graduated.
  • When listing work experience, always add some duties by each company.
  • Always remember to list from which date to which date you worked at a specific place.
  • Never lie on your cv.
  • Always do a spell check before sending your cv out.
  • When listing work experience, list according to dates.
  • Always put your telephone number as well as your email address on your cv.
  • When applying for a vacancy, always specify on your email what the vacancy is.
  • When Setting up a cv, always make sure your text is aligned.
  • Before sending out your cv always use spellcheck.