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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of identifying your knowledge and skills against a qualification or part thereof. The process involves the identification, mediation, assessment and acknowledgement of knowledge and skills obtained through informal, non-formal and/ or formal learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning provides an opportunity for you to identify your learning, have it assessed and formally acknowledged. At CTU, RPL can only be done against qualifications offered by CTU.

Apply for RPL

Gaining access

If you have considerable work experience, but you don’t meet the entry requirements of your chosen course, you may want to apply for entry into a qualification. This is referred to as “access”. The RPL application is evaluated against the entry requirements of the qualification. If access is granted, the qualification on the lower level is not awarded.

Advanced standing or credits

As an individual you might have gained knowledge in specific areas. When compared to outcomes against a CTU qualification, your knowledge might cover some subjects. You may apply for recognition of these subjects and this called “advanced standing” or “credits”.

Once the assessment is done, the University might give recognition for specific subjects, but not for the entire qualification. You will be required to complete the outstanding subjects, before the qualification is awarded.

Closing date for applications

The closing date for RPL is 30 June of every year.

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