SAQA ID 48872: Software Development: Data Science FET Certificate: IT Systems Development (NQF Level 5, 131 Credits) Learnership - CTU Training Solutions

SAQA ID 48872: Software Development: Data Science FET Certificate: IT Systems Development (NQF Level 5, 131 Credits) Learnership

Demonstrate your expertise at designing and developing the fast and fluid desktop apps that are the focal point of the user experience different platforms. The qualification prepares you to be professional data scientists and be able to analyse big data and create trends from it. You will also be able to mine data using different tools and analyse it. You will also be able to Design and Implement a Data Science Solution on Azure. At the end of the qualification students become Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate. Get skilled within the latest cloud technologies.
Duration: 12-18 Months   |   Location : Online
Course Prerequisites:
Systems Development (SAQA ID: 78965 NQF Level 4, 165 Credits) NQF4 National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) ... Show More
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Course Content

Module 1 – Principles of Program Design

17 Credits


  • Explain the principles of business and the role of information technology
  • Conduct a technical practitioners meeting
  • Analyse feedback contexts and apply constructive feedback techniques
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethics and professionalism for the computer industry in South Africa
  • Produce documentation for a computer program to agreed standards

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Module 2 – Internet Programming

22 Credits


    • Apply information gathering techniques for computer system development
    • Use computer technology to research a computer topic
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the internet and the world-wide-web
    • Write a technical report
    • Present information in a public setting

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Module 3 – Database Development

16 Credits


    • Create database access for a computer application using structured query language
    • Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Database Management Systems

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Module 4 – Data Analysis and Visualisation

35 Credits


    • Apply principles of creating computer software by developing a complete programme to meet given business specifications
    • Demonstrate an understanding of sort and search techniques used in computer programming
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the handling of error in a computer programming environment
    • Apply fundamental principles of Object-Oriented Programming to solve a given problem
    • Manage software development source files using appropriate tools

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Module 5 – Data Mining

12 Credits


    • Apply the principles of designing computer system inputs and outputs
    • Demonstrate an understanding of estimating a unit of work and the implications of late delivery

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