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Internship Programmes

An Internship is a programme designed to give graduates an opportunity to extend their academic qualifications with structured workplace exposure and specialised training. The MICT SETA utilizes the concept of internships to fast track high level skills, to offer needed work experience to unemployed graduates and to empower graduates with practical knowledge commensurate with their qualification. CTU provides companies and students the opportunity to develop unemployed youth or graduates through CTU accredited programmes. The IT industry increasingly requires students to enter companies with real-life, structured practical experience, as well as an in depth theoretical background.

We provide an opportunity for:
• Graduates looking for structured workplace exposure in the IT field to extend and build on their academic qualification.
• Previously disadvantage learners looking for an opportunity to study within the ICT industry.
• Organisations wanting to recruit students with the skills to meet the demands of today’s technology without any training cost obligation.

CTU offers organisations the opportunity to participate in our various internship projects and to allow a student/s workplace experience whilst studying towards certifications and earning invaluable marketing, technical sales or customer service skills. These courses are delivered online or face-to-face in real-time, enabling students to interact with established industry experts.

The vision for our internship projects, is to give graduates the opportunity to study market relevant technologies and receive relevant exposure from companies, making them more employable. The stakeholder companies will be required to compensate a learner with a R 3 000 – R 3 500 stipend.

Speak to a consultant at CTU if you wish to participate in any future funded or non-funded internship projects, and help give a graduate the opportunity to succeed.

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