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CTU has been in the business of successfully developing and training thousands of people in South Africa for more than 20 years. In late 2014, CTU began strategizing its aim to replicate its prestigious training and development solutions to its neighboring African countries. It has become CTU’s main objective to deliver training solutions that drive the IT ecosystem (that drives the IT industry) that makes technology relevant.

Fernando de Sousa, who heads Microsoft’s 4Afrika initiative, said “it’s not just about networks, it’s not just about PCs. It’s about the end economic impact, it’s about the skills.” He also stated that “in proving the value of technology as the enabler for that development, it’s not just creating consumption of technology, but creating the ability for knowledge to be developed – for technology to actually be built in Africa.”

Technology can accelerate growth for Africa and Africa can also accelerate technology for the world. Through CTU’s online virtual instructor-led training (VILT) delivered on the Skype for Business platform, we are able to upskill and develop partners across the African continent – any time, any place, anywhere. We offer more than just virtual instructor-led training. Through our infrastructure, capabilities and reach our solutions expand beyond the usual mundane training. We take our customers on a journey of learning where experience is the number one factor of success.

Virtual Training
These courses are delivered online in real-time, enabling you to interact with an established industry expert. Our live virtual training combines premium skills development technologies and expert instructors, content and exercises to ensure superior training, regardless of your location.

Onsite Training
Let us bring the learning to you. We believe that companies should have a suitable skills development plan to optimise the technologies that are deployed, systematically developing employees to address the skills gap as a great way to achieve empowered human capital. Through this solution we are able to provide our customers onsite mentoring and coaching to ensure the optimum use of the technologies that are deployed.

The Executive Learning Experience
CTU Sandton is a collaborative training environment that provides access to innovative learning and world-class expertise, enabling you to experience learning in a unique way. Want to explore modernized technologies, send your team on a unique bootcamp training experience or need an environment to build or brainstorm a new technology solution for your business? CTU Sandton is able to provide that high-end, value for money learning experience and environment that you expect. Let us arrange your accommodation and travel so you can experience learning in a completely new way.

Anywhere in Africa
We are able to bring our expert instructors to any part of Africa, bringing the expert skills and knowledge to your doorstep. This solutions offers the affordability and flexibility of setting up a training site nearest to your office

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