Certified Graduates - Recruitment Division

Certified Graduates – Recruitment Division

Assisting our full time qualified graduates

All industries require students to enter companies with real-life, structured practical experience, as well as an in depth theoretical background. The aim of our recruitment division is twofold. On the one hand it focuses on assisting our full time qualified graduates, preparing them to enter the professional work environment. On the other, it focuses on partnering with organisations, businesses and government customers who provide our students their required 80 hours workplace experience before graduating. This gives organisations the opportunity to appoint prime talent through a superior selection process that offers top calibre talent across all industry sectors.

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About CTU Recruits

CTU Recruits offers an essential and professional service to our students to help them prepare for the workplace. This division forms an integral part of the CTU HRD solution offering. We work towards a vision of lifelong learning and have an absolute passion for the development of skilled professionals. We work proactively in partnership with our valued clients in order for them to appoint prime talent.

Our Services

We ensure employability of our students through contemporary career workshops, and
connect them with high impact Internships, Learnerships and Work experiential learning
projects. To ensure the employability of our graduates, we work proactively in partnership with our valued clients to place our graduates in relevant fields across industries.

Workplace Experience Partners

At CTU it is compulsory that our students complete 80 hours workplace experience before graduating. We invite companies to partner with us by providing 80 hours of workplace experience, and possibly recruiting a CTU student (or students) from the workplace experience group. No placement fee will be applicable upon recruitment. As a valued client, offering assistance in the skills development of the youth, we can advertise your company, free of charge, on our website. Also, every company that hosts a CTU student (or students) will receive one MS Word/Excel Basic training voucher per month for the duration of the workplace experience.

Recruit through us

  • We offer ONE month replacement guarantee
  • Through our superior selection process, we interview candidates in alignment with your business objectives while you focus on your daily operations
  • With our national footprint (12 Campuses) we have a functional database of qualified candidates with relevant and up to date skills.
  • Our team is fully equipped with knowledge and skills to offer the best service and after care
  • Workplace experience

Our team of professional recruitment consultants can assist in the screening of potential candidates for learnership and internship opportunities, assisting in finding the right fit for your organisation.

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