CTU Cloud Campus: Online Training Courses

CTU Cloud Campus: Online Training Courses

author By CTU Training Solutions · August 6, 2018 8:11 am

Time is free but it is priceless. You cannot own it but you can invest it. The average person lives 78 years. We spend an average of 3.5 of those years in tertiary and higher education. South Africa’s 2018 unemployment rate was at 26.6% and the quality of education ranking last out of 148 countries. It is time to take action. Learners of today, the “future leaders of South Africa” are entirely different from the learners of yesterday. Programmes need to be developed around this new generation of consumers of education.

CTU Training Solutions launched the CTU Cloud Campus, an online training platform – a flexible path to success where students can save time and money with programmes that fit their busy lives. These flexible study methods consist of optional contact sessions, free training, self-study and online training.

Our cloud campus online training options include:

• Self-study qualifications – 80% self-study and 20% contact sessions. Earn a qualification faster and more affordably.
• Free online learning – massive open online courseware. Great supplementary content to help you pass your international exams.
• Subscription based e-learning (access over 1,060 soft-skills and Microsoft office e-learning for every job role).
• On-demand certification-based training that includes hands-on labs and assessments.

CTU Cloud Campus is ideal for anyone that wants to study and up-skill while working. This revolutionary approach gives students the freedom to learn their own way and earn their qualification and skills faster and more affordably than in a traditional programme. The CTU Cloud Campus online training options offer traditional education with a higher degree of freedom.

• Study anywhere! – No transport costs.
• No interruptions! – No overcrowded lecture rooms.
• Study at your own pace! – No annoying timetables.
• You are in control – No prolonged lectures.

The benefit of CTU Cloud Campus is that you can study from home at your own speed, with online support. You get access to interactive resources and can stay connected through interactive student forums. Students are able to attend Saturday workshops for additional assessment/exam prep support at any of CTU’s 13 campuses nationwide. The combination of practical and theoretical content is what makes this platform the platform of choice. Maintain a full time job while studying. Pick from a variety of international certifications aligned to your qualification and receive the assistance of our skilled student support representatives and industry-expert facilitators throughout your studies.

Students can get started at any time. Enrol for a self-study academic programme or one short course/module at a time. Choose your programme, register and pay online and log in to your student portal. As easy as one, two three.

Self-study Qualifications

• IT Technical Support
• Project Management
• Generic Management
• Human Resource Management

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Free Online learning – MOOC (massive open online courseware)

Limitless quality education for everyone, everywhere. It’s CTU Training Solutions’ mission to expand the immersive experience learning across borders and increase global access to quality education. Connecting students and business people with expertise from around the world. We developed an edX platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, offering high-quality courses from universities and institutions to learners everywhere. This project began in February 2017, boasting 138 courses on the platform currently; the goal is to collaborate with global partners to expand the offering on this emerging platform.

Our students come from every country in the world! Anyone and everyone can freely access the CTU edX platform. Whether you are interested in jQuery, Azure, Microsoft R, Excel, SQL, internet of things or data analytics we have the course for you! CTU is one of the first organisations in South Africa to adopt MOOC delivered through an open source platform. Open edX is the open-source platform that powers edX courses and is freely available. With Open edX, educators and technologists can build learning tools and contribute new features to the platform, creating innovative solutions to benefit students and business people everywhere.

• Build knowledge and expertise with interactive labs, experiments, and assessments
• Connect with learners from around the globe in easy-to-use discussion forums
• Take courses on your own schedule — anytime, anywhere

Showcase your skills and knowledge to employers and prove you’ve mastered a class by earning a Verified Certificate.

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Online e-Learning Subscriptions

Over 1,060 short computer application and soft skill courses to choose from. Activate your e-learning subscription today and develop your skills on the go. Are you worried about the increasing rate of automation? Ever wondered what might happen to your job role in 5 years’ time? In the age of automation, maintaining technical fluency across roles will be critical, but the pace of change is fueling demand for adaptable, critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders. As technology accelerates, soft skills are in high demand to fuel people and business growth.

Don’t let the lack of soft skills hinder your growth and employment opportunities! Consider a cloud campus e-learning subscription today and access over 1,060 soft skills courses anytime, anyplace! Quality learning has never been this affordable.

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