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Auckland Park is committed to provide world class IT education. They offer a warm and supportive environment in which you can grow in confidence and resilience, as well as a focussed curriculum program that develops a student’s potential to the maximum. CTU Auckland Park boasts with facilitators who are committed to excellence in the learning and teaching process and who value the capacity of each student to grow through effective learning. They provide fair, firm and consistent discipline to ensure that the teaching and learning process is not compromised. This allows high expectations in all aspects of behaviour and academic progression. CTU Auckland Park believes in effective channels of communication, ensuring that all parents or guardians are well informed of all events, activities and student learning. CTU Auckland Park also helps with opportunities for workplace experience. Come visit CTU Auckland Park and see what we can offer you!

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011 482 7422

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3rd floor Curatio Building, 3 Annet Road,
Auckland Park

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