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Introduction to RPA for Business v4.0

Course Outline

The Introduction to Robotic Process Automation for Business course is intended to introduce Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to business and finance students. The course assumes no prior knowledge of RPA. It equips the student with skills that will help him identify automation opportunities in an organization. It deep dives into the different stages of automation journey with a focus on the role of a Business Analyst. It further builds on these concepts and explains how to gauge the success of automation implementation in an organization. The last section of the course challenges the students to apply RPA to business skills and come up with new processes that would not have been possible without RPA.


2 Days




To understand and complete the course successfully, the student must have an understanding of business processes and basic computer knowledge.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to RPA
  • Module 2: RPA Concepts
  • Module 3: Role of a Business Manager in RPA Initiatives
  • Module 4: RPA Implementation Stages-1
  • Module 5: RPA Implementation Stages-2
  • Module 6: Evaluating RPA Implementation
  • Module 7/Skill 1: Data to Information Transformation
  • Module 8/Skill 2: Omni-Source Data Curation
  • Module 9/Skill 3: Multi-Source Trend Tracking

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