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AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution

Course Outline

AI-102 Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution is intended for software developers wanting to build AI-infused applications that leverage Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework. The course will use C# or Python as the programming language.





Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to AI on Azure
Module 2: Developing AI Apps with Cognitive Services
Module 3: Getting Started with Natural Language Processing
Module 4: Building Speech-Enabled Applications
Module 5: Creating Language Understanding Solutions
Module 6: Building a QnA Solution
Module 7: Conversational AI and the Azure Bot Service
Module 8: Getting Started with Computer Vision
Module 9: Developing Custom Vision Solutions
Module 10: Detecting, Analyzing, and Recognizing Faces
Module 11: Reading Text in Images and Documents
Module 12: Creating a Knowledge Mining Solution

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