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Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (v1.0)

The Troubleshooting Cisco® IP Telephony & Video (CTCOLLAB) Version 1.0 course prepares you for troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Video Communication Server (VCS) Control, and Expressway series in a multisite voice and video network. You learn troubleshooting methodology, triage, resources, tools, and fixes at the integrated system or solution level for Cisco Collaboration solutions. You also gain knowledge in troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager, VCS Control and VCS Expressway, issues with call setup, issues with Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS), Cisco Unified Communications Manager mobility features, Cisco TelePresence® Management Suite, and issues with voice quality and media resources.
Course Prerequisites:
The knowledge and skills recommended before attending this course are: Working knowledge of converged voice... Show More
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Course Content

Course Content

    Course Introduction
  • Section 1: Identifying Cisco Collaboration Deployments
  • Section 2: Using Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Section 3: Using Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tools
  • Section 4: Troubleshooting Common Gateway and Endpoint Registration Issues
  • Section 5: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Manager Availability Issues
  • Section 6: Troubleshooting Database Replication Issues
  • Section 7: Troubleshooting LDAP Integration Issues
  • Section 8: Troubleshooting Endpoint Registration Issues
  • Section 9: Troubleshooting Cisco VCS Availability Issues
  • Section 10: Troubleshooting Database Replication Issues
  • Section 11: Troubleshooting LDAP Integration Issues
  • Section 12: Describing Call Setup Issues and Causes
  • Section 13: Troubleshooting On-Net Single-Site Calling Issues
  • Section 14: Troubleshooting On-Net Multisite Calling Issues
  • Section 15: Troubleshooting Off-Net Calling Issues
  • Section 16: Troubleshooting ILS and GDPR
  • Section 17: Troubleshooting Device Mobility Issues
  • Section 18: Troubleshooting Cisco Extension Mobility Issues
  • Section 19: Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Mobility Issues
  • Section 20: Troubleshooting Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Issues
  • Section 21: Troubleshooting MTP Issues
  • Section 22: Troubleshooting Transcoder Issues
  • Section 23: Troubleshooting Issues with Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Section 24: Troubleshooting Audio and Video Quality Issues

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Labs Outline

This course contains seven hands-on lab exercises. The labs included in this course are:

  • Discovery Lab 7.7: Troubleshoot LDAP Integration Issues
  • Discovery Lab 13.12: Troubleshoot On-Net Single-Site Calling Issues
  • Discovery Lab 14.6: Troubleshoot On-Net Multisite Calling Issues
  • Discovery Lab 16.9: Troubleshooting ILS and GPDR
  • Discovery Lab 17.9: Troubleshoot Device Mobility Issues
  • Discovery Lab 18.7: Troubleshoot Cisco Extension Mobility Issues
  • Discovery Lab 19.10: Troubleshoot Cisco Unified Mobility Issues

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CTU Training Solutions , Updated: October 11th, 2018

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