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Digital Network Architecture Implementation Essentials (v2.0)

The Digital Network Architecture Implementation Essentials (v2.0) course provides students an insight into Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and its solution components. The course highlights the need for digitization in networks and the guiding principles of DNA. This course also provides hands-on labs to demonstrate DNA automation using Cisco APIC-EM and virtualization using Cisco Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Upon completing this course, students will be able to: Identify the Digital Network Architecture solution by describing the vision, strategy, general concepts, and components of it. Implement network automation using Cisco APIC-EM and the built-in applications like Cisco Network Plug and Play, EasyQoS, IWAN, and Path Trace. Implement network virtualization using Cisco NFV in an Enterprise branch network. Implement network analytics using Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Cloud. Implement network security using Cisco StealthWatch, Cisco TrustSec,...
Course Prerequisites:
The knowledge and skills necessary before attending this course is: Foundational understanding of network... Show More
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Course Content

Course Content

  • Section 1: Identifying Cisco Digital Network Architecture Vision
  • Section 2: Identifying the Digital Network Architecture Solution Components
  • Section 3: Identifying the Role of Automation and Orchestration Controllers in DNA
  • Section 4: Implementing Automation in Enterprise Networks
  • Section 5: Implementing Cisco Plug and Play Solution
  • Section 6: Implementing and EasyQoS Solution
  • Section 7: Implementing Cisco Intelligent WAN Solution
  • Section 8: Troubleshooting Using Path Trace Application
  • Section 9: Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Function Virtualization
  • Section 10: Implementing Network Programmability in a DNA Architecture
  • Section 11: What is Network Analytics in Cisco DNA
  • Section 12: DNA Analytics Architecture
  • Section 13: DNA Analytics Proof Points
  • Section 14: Network Data Platform Architecture
  • Section 15: CMX On Premise© 2017 Cisco and/or its affiliates
  • Section 16: Context-Aware Services Architecture
  • Section 17: CMX Connect
  • Section 18: Cisco CMX Analytics
  • Section 19: CMX API
  • Section 20: Cisco CMX Configuration
  • Section 21: Pervasive Security
  • Section 22: Introduction to NetFlow
  • Section 23: Introduction to Cisco Stealthwatch
  • Section 24: Introduction to Cisco ISE
  • Section 25: Integrating Security Tools
  • Section 26: Understanding the Enterprise Fabric
  • Section 27: Implementing DNA Secure Access

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Labs Outline

This course contains 17 hands-on lab exercises. The labs included in this course are:
  • Discovery Lab 4.6: Introducing Cisco APIC-EM GUI-Network, Device, and Topology Discovery Using APIC-EM
  • Discovery Lab 5.5: Implementing Network Plug and Play Using Cisco APIC-EM
  • Discovery Lab 6.7: Implementing Easy QoS Using Cisco APIC-EM GUI
  • Discovery Lab 7.8: Site Provisioning and Monitoring Using Cisco IWAN Application
  • Discovery Lab 8.4: Path Trace Application Using Cisco APIC-EM GUI
  • Discovery Lab 9.9: Site Provisioning with NFVIS on Cisco UCS C220 M3 Server Using OAM Servers
  • Discovery Lab 20.2: Adding Maps to Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Discovery Lab 20.3: Continuing to Add Maps to Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Discovery Lab 20.4: Exporting Maps from Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Discovery Lab 20.5: Performing the Initial Configuration of CMX
  • Discovery Lab 20.6: Using the System Settings Menu to Configure Cisco CMX
  • Discovery Lab 20.7: Adding Outline Wall to CMX Floor Plan Maps
  • Discovery Lab 20.8: Using Detect and Connect
  • Discovery Lab 20.9: Continuing to Customize Detect and Locate in CMX
  • Discovery Lab 20.10: Working with Analytics in Cisco CMX
  • Discovery Lab 20.11: Working with Customized Reports in the Analytics Service
  • Discovery Lab 20.12: Continuing to Add Widgets to a Customized Report in CM

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