Cisco Digital Learning

Cisco Digital Learning

author By CTU Training Solutions · July 4, 2018 11:12 am

Train Your Workforce with Flexible, Interactive Cisco Digital Learning Library

Now there’s an easy, effective way for your workforce to get training on the Cisco® technologies they need—with Cisco Digital Learning Library. These multi-modal training courses include HD instructor video with searchable transcript and subtitles, plus a complete Student Guide textbook. This helps ensure multiple learning techniques are covered, so students can learn in the way they prefer.

With Cisco Digital

Whether your workforce needs to prepare for Cisco certification or gain an overview of the latest technologies, Cisco Digital Learning Library offers highly effective education and retention—at each student’s pace. From routing and switching to security, from collaboration to the design, your workforce can get up to speed on Cisco technologies, anytime and anywhere.

As Effective as Classroom Training—Without the Classroom

With Cisco Digital Learning Library, your workforce can learn from their desktop or laptop, through a single, integrated browser window. An instructor provides context at the beginning of each section, using a whiteboard, video, and animations. Since learning is modular and the course material is broken up into small sections, each student can learn whenever they have an extra few minutes.

Helping Students Get the Most from Every Minute

Cisco Digital Learning Library includes Discovery Labs, which introduce new concepts by giving students interactive, hands-on assignments. Graded challenge assessments at the end of every section offer students feedback on what they’ve learned, and allow them to go back and review areas as often as they need to. Hints and guidance are available for support as needed. And a separate manager dashboard provides analytics, so you can monitor individual and team progress, to easily track skills mastery.

Cisco Digital Learning courses include:

  • Lab recordings to improve peer learning
  • Topic videos to illustrate important fundamentals
  • Synchronized learning on multiple devices
  • Gamification with achievement badges, medals and leaderboard
  • Bookmarking and annotation tools
  • Highlight important terms with a searchable glossary
  • Share your progress on social media platforms
  • Certificate of completion obtained when students complete finish the course

Choose a specific Cisco Digital Learning course:

Infrastructure Courses:

Security Courses:

Collaboration Courses:

Cloud Courses:

Standalone Courses:

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The impact and importance of technical certifications: The management view

Throughout history the success (or failure of any technology has always been directly linked to the specific knowledge and skills of the people putting the technology to work. This is as true today for information technology as it was for the wheel some 6,000 years ago. According to a Cisco Whitepaper released 2017, for the individual practitioner, technical certifications accomplish validation  of benchmarked technical knowledge and skills, demonstrate strong commitment to select technical job roles and related responsibilities and drive continual advancement through timely re-certification, pursuit of multiple complementary certifications, or both. In the summer of 2016, Cisco and survey firm Illuminas partnered on the execution of interviews aimed at pinpointing the current and future value of technical certifications in the mind of the technology manager. According to their findings show that the impact of technical certifications:

  • 54% improve quality of tech-driven services aimed at employees and customers
  • 48% enable efficient operations
  • 46% increase flexibility of staff trained in multiple areas
  • 41% boost employee engagement and retention

And the list goes on. The one particular impact that stood out is that 22% found that technical certifications reduced costs associated with IT projects. Read more about the “Impact and Importance of Technical Certifications: The Management View” Cisco whitepaper and see why investing in up-skilling your workforce on the latest Cisco IT certifications is so valuable to your  future business target state.

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