The people vs AI and automation

While there is a perception, and even a palpable fear, around the exponentially increasing capability of AI and the potential for robots to negatively impact on jobs, the benefits of the technology are also starting to be recognised.

Post-COVID IT: Adapt fast or fall behind

New mindsets, the ability to change and constant upskilling on emerging technologies have become critical for individuals and businesses in the rapidly evolving post-COVID world, says David Fourie, National Operations Manager at CTU Training Solutions.

CTU Graduation – Class of 2021

The students and their guests received a warm welcome on entering the premises and were then shown to the registration, photographs, and gown sections, respectively.

The value of student loans

There are multiple reasons why it might be better for students to consider financing their investment in education, as opposed to paying cash upfront, according to Johan Wiggins, CEO and co-founder of Student Hero.

How to create a graphic design or visual communication portfolio

When you work in the visual arts field, for instance as a graphic designer, your portfolio is your CV. Daandrey Steyn, Visual Communication Facilitator at CTU Training Solutions, says: “Visual communicators don’t have to rely on a certification or qualification to tell potential employers what they can do. They can use a portfolio to physically illustrate their creative talents and what they are capable of.”

The era of digital revolution in the world of employment

Traditional education is becoming obsolete in the modern digital world we are living in. At the very least, it is safe to say it is no longer business as usual, with the many recent evolutions in education able to be traced directly back to technology improvements.

Three ways to support your WFH employees

As employees keep moving between the home and work office as the lockdown levels change, it’s important that businesses handle this process carefully and be cognisant of the pressures that their employees are under, ensuring employee mental health and that they support their employees along the way.