Human Centered Design & Visual Communication – A Transdisciplinary approach

In the light of global technological and social connectedness, competitive practice in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) requires industries to address both the need for technological proficiency and the need to embrace a human-centered approach to service delivery. Other than technical upskilling, there is a demand for the inclusion of upskilling in human-centered skills. In a 2020 article: Skills for the Digital Era, Dr. Renate Strazdina mentions in agreement with the World Economic Forum (Future of Jobs survey 2018) the need for the inclusion of human-centered upskilling:

A creative challenge – Lockdown 2020

As all institutions offering creative courses, CTU Training Solutions were forced into the unfamiliar when the lockdown was announced. From having lively discussions in a classroom filled with paper pencils, paint, and artwork on the walls, teaching and learning were forced into cyberspace. The accommodation of an uninterrupted teaching and learning experience included classes set-up on an online platform.

4IR and Tourism

As Eric Hobsbawn stated, “the Industrial Revolution is not merely an acceleration of economic growth, but an acceleration of growth because of, and through, economic and social transformation” (Hobsbawn, 1968).