Graphic Design

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The purpose of this qualification is to provide a foundation for a variety of design-orientated fields, in that the student gains competencies in the generic processes of various design specialisations. Graphic designers work with images, text and media. They utilize advanced technology to create visual and multimedia presentations. Multimedia designers integrate audio, animation, graphics and video into presentations for CDs, DVDs, television programmes and websites.


After completing Graphic Design I, enrol for Graphic Design II or Web Development I as your specialisation.
After completing Graphic Design II, enrol for Web Development I as your 3rd year specialisation. Presented at all campuses.
Please request a FREE quote and latest programme breakdown from your nearest campus, student advisor or course consultant.
Should you prefer to use or purchase your own PC or laptop for studies, refer to the website for more information.

Adobe CC student yearly subscription available for an estimated R2500. Request more info from facilitator.

Included in the fees:
  • Access to books on Safari
  • International exams (does not include rewrites)

Year 1

Graphic Design I


  • DES411: Design 1A
  • DRW411: Drawing Techniques
  • GFD411: Fundamentals A
  • GCP411: Graphic Computing 1A (Adobe Illustrator)
  • BCP411: Basic Computing
  • DES412: Design 1B
  • GFD412: Fundamentals B
  • GCP412: Graphic Computing 1 B (Adobe Photoshop)


QCTO FET Certificate: Design Foundation (SAQA ID: 49127, NQF Level 4, 141 Credits


adobe certified

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Photoshop CC
ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Illustrator CC

*On completion of international exams:
Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop
Adobe Certified Associate: Illustrator


  • National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
  • Application form & assessment at the campus

Year 2

Graphic Design II


  • DES521: Design 2A
  • TDS521: 3D Studies (3D Studio Max)
  • GCP521: Graphic Computing 2A (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • DES522: Design 2B
  • TDS522: 2D Studies (Adobe Illustrator/ Animate)
  • GCP522: Graphic Computing 2B (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • DMG522: Design Management


QCTO National Certificate: Design Techniques (SAQA ID: 60509/90721, NQF Level 5, 121 Credits)


adobe certified

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Premiere Pro CC
ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Dreamweaver CC
ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) Animate CC

*On completion of international exams:
Adobe Certified Associate: Premiere Pro
Adobe Certified Associate: Dreamweaver
Adobe Certified Associate: Animate


  • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA), Photoshop, Illustrator
  • QCTO FET Certificate: Design Foundation (SAQA ID: 49127, NQF Level 4, 141 Credits)

More about Adobe

Value of certification
It can be difficult to get ahead in today’s market.

Becoming Adobe certified gives you a powerful way to communicate your skills to the world. Whether you are a consultant, instructor, job seeker or employee. Adobe certifications is a strong validation of your knowledge.

As an individual, an Adobe Certified credential allows you to:

  • Leverage the power of the Adobe brand and resources
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Get your CV noticed
  • Get the inside track on Adobe’s latest offerings

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