Bring your own device (BYOD) & study material


A device is required, with data, to access Skillpipe

All CTU Programmes

A device is required, with data, to access Safari.

ICB Programmes

Books can be purchased from Edge Learning Media. A device is required, with data.


SkillpipeSkillpipe is an e-reader, which enables students to read digital versions of Microsoft Courseware on their computers. Skillpipe exists in two versions, an online reader which can be accessed through any modern browser, and a Windows reader app which users can download and install on their PC. The installation of the reader app enables users to read digital Microsoft Courseware without permanently being connected to the internet. Skillpipe enables students to work with their digital courses. Besides reading through the courses users can add highlights, bookmarks, and annotations to selected text passages.

Advantages for Students

  • Keep current on changing technologies of interest with refreshed content.
  • Use an earlier or later version of a course to align with what’s being taught by the instructor.
  • Organize courses as desired on a re-designed Skillpipe bookshelf, with custom categories and segments.
  • Maintain access to your course notes using the course version familiar to you.

The Safari solution

  • A library of books, video and tutorial resources and pre-published manuscripts.
  • Access to titles from more than 100 publishers.
  • Dynamic day-by-day updates of new books, videos, pre-published manuscripts and content from these same leading publishers included in price.
  • Mobile access: Android & iOS.
A device (laptop or tablet) and data is compulsory for all studies at CTU to access books on our various online platforms.
bring your own device