Get skilled, qualified and internationally certified at Creative & Technology Universitas (CTU), where innovative minds thrive, and creativity meets cutting-edge technology.

  Our qualification division offers flexible study options across multiple faculties, allowing you to pursue your passion and achieve your career goals whether you are a school leaver or a working individual. Choose from an array of day classes (1 to 3-year qualifications, diplomas and degrees) or evening & Saturday classes (qualifications, short courses, and skills development programmes) tailored to your needs.

Know what you want to study?

At CTU, our curriculum is designed to foster creative thinking and empower you to excel in today's technology-driven world. Our commitment to teaching the latest technologies ensures that you'll be equipped with the skills to succeed in the ever-evolving job market. With accredited national qualifications and international vendor-related certifications, you will graduate well-prepared for successful entry-level to professional careers.

Financial Assistance - Student Loans

Pre-qualify your studies at zero cost, commitment-free! To help more students become their future selves sooner, CTU has partnered with Student Hero to help all our applicants learn about, apply and qualify for study finance from a single platform and at zero cost.

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