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Teaching and Learning Methodologies


We offer one/ two and three year qualifications with classes from Monday to Friday, after which the learner will obtain a national qualification and international certification/s (where applicable).


We offer one/ two and three year qualifications (qualifications vary from 1 year to 18 months part time) with classes in the evening, twice a week and two Saturdays per month, after which the learner will obtain a national qualification and international certification/s (where applicable). Selected programmes offer a self-paced options – Hybrid learning applies.


Short learning programmes are not credit bearing courses. Classes are presented in the evenings and Saturdays. International certifications are obtainable after passing the international exams written at the international testing centres located at the CTU campus.


CTU will also be making use of “Virtual Instructor Led Teaching” (VILT). Our senior lecturers, heads of programmes, faculty heads or industry specialist will be doing theory training to all campuses simultaneously. Classrooms will be set up to ensure interaction between students and the lecturer. These lessons will then be recorded and made available to students via ColCampus. Once the master theory class is completed, normal face-to-face theory and practical classes will continue at campus level.
Due to the reality of load shedding in South Africa, students must ensure that their devices are fully charged on a daily basis. CTU classes will continue as normal during load shedding. VILT theory classes will be “podcast” and video recordings will be made available online daily. The students of campuses experiencing electricity outages must connect with the VILT lecturer via Skype. Skype is freeware that can be downloaded to their devices.


You are required to order your books directly through EDGE Learning Media. Please follow the procedure set out below:

• Please visit www.edgelearningmedia.com
• Click on the Shop icon (picture of a trolley) situated at the top of the page
• Under the College tab, register as a college
• Fill in your first name and add your student number in this tab
• Fill in your last name
• Fill in your email address
• Under College, please fill in the CTU college address that you will be attending
• Click on Submit

Your information request will then be reviewed. Once all is in order, Edge Learning will activate your account and provide you with access to purchase the book packs.

You will be emailed a password, which you can use together with your email address to order your items.

1. Once you have signed in, you will be taken to your dashboard screen.
2. Click on Books to Order for the books to be displayed.
3. Select the books you wish to order by selecting the Add to Cart tab.
4. Each time you select a book you wish to order, you will be taken to the shopping cart screen. You may then click on Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping until you have selected all the books you require.
5. Once you have completed your online shopping, proceed to checkout and complete the ordering process.
6. Complete the billing information and select a delivery method. Please note that these costs will be added onto the costs of the books you have selected.
7. You will then be prompted to accept the additional days for printing. Please accept to continue.
8. Next, you will be taken to the Payment screen, where you can select credit card or EFT.
9. Once payment has been received, they will print your order and dispatch it via the courier method you have selected.

Should you have any queries regarding placing your order or tracking your order, please contact: [email protected]
*Edge Learning Media will not be held liable for any refunds/returns resulting from purchases made on the incorrect student profile.


Hybrid learning is a knowledge and skills learning process (learner centered) that uses various teaching methods which integrates digital (internet and mobile), recorded and traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned manner. The method ensures that the student self-direct his or her learning process by choosing the learning methods and materials available that best fit his or her individual characteristics and needs-oriented to reach competence on the required outcomes.
The Generation Z students are bandwidth-connected students who has been immersed in technology for their entire lives. At CTU, the Hybrid approach to course delivery combines face-to-face classroom instruction (theory and practical) with online activities (O’Reilly books and ColCampus) as well as group and research activities.


In 2020, CTU will be making use of a flipped classroom approach. The flipped classroom approach will be used to blend the online learning and face-to-face learning environments. The student therefore will use independent study time to watch lecture video content that introduces new concepts. They then use class time to engage in discussion about this information, do exercises with the support of their teacher, and engage in group work and discussion.
All CTU Study Guides will guide the student to ensure that all pre-reading on subjects and topics takes place prior to the student attend a face to face class. During the classroom instruction time, students can then engage in an authentic, collaborative learning experience with the lecturer as well as other students. The underlying premise is that students review information outside of class and, instead of simply receiving information from the instructor/lecturer, come prepared to discuss concepts.


The hybrid instruction method allows the students to interact with content and engage in learning activities before, during, and after the face-to-face class. This interaction will take place in the group and research classes. To enable students to be fully active in the Hybrid Learning approach each learner must have a device with data. Please see “Bring your own device information.”

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