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Robotics course


Electronics for the creative mind

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What is Microbotics?

In a growing world that continually adopts modern technologies and devices, we envision a future of young digital makers, not only digital consumers! Microbotics is all about creativity and having fun.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in robotics/engineering and programming from Grade 5 to Grade 12.

Students will receive

All parts supplied in a toolkit.
A certificate of completion upon completion of the course.

Next class dates

Part 1: 18 - 28 June 2019

Part 2: 24 - 28 June 2019

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You will learn about

  • circuit boards

    Snacker, bread
    & circuit boards

  • soldering

    Soldering of circuit boards
    (creating your own circuit board)

  • Heat light sensors

    Heat &
    light sensors

  • programming a chip

    Programming a chip

  • electronics Basics

    Basic electronics

  • Microcontrollers


  • Digital inputs

    Digital Inputs

  • Digital Outputs

    Digital Outputs

  • Motor Control

    Motor Control

  • Dice Board

    Dice Board

  • Prototyping Platforms

    Prototyping Platforms

  • Programming Techniques

    Programming Techniques

  • Robots

    Bot in motion

  • When you are done, you will have a fully functional motorised vehicle that you can programme and control.

robotics for kids

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