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We aim to design, develop, and deliver an exceptional learning experience that cultivates educated and skilled individuals ready to contribute to socio-economic growth. Whether you’re pursuing a degree in Project Management or a Diploma in Visual Communication, aiming for international certifications, or seeking accredited part time qualifications, Creative & Technology Universitas (CTU) offers a comprehensive educational journey. Similarly, Corporate Training Unlimited meets your workforce and skills development needs with short course offerings like Microsoft, CompTIA, AWS, and soft skills.

Open Day

Unlock Your Potential at CTU's National Open Day! 🚀

20 January 2024

Join us on a transformative journey at our National Open Day in 2024. Whether you’re a school leaver on the brink of adulthood, a professional seeking advancement, or a parent desiring the best for your child, CTU is your launchpad to greatness. Discover a world of opportunities across our 11 campuses nationwide.

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Discover our wide range of qualifications designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for success. Explore our campuses, connect with our dedicated student support team, and take the next step towards achieving your career goals.

Empower Your Workforce: Tailored Training for Career Excellence and Business Growth

From skills development programs to learnerships and consultative training services, we offer tailored solutions to address your specific needs. Learn more about how we can empower your workforce, drive growth, and navigate the ever-changing business landscape.



While we proudly boast 12 campuses nationwide, our infrastructure extends far beyond physical boundaries.

With our innovative learning platform, students have the flexibility to study from anywhere, at any time. We embrace the power of technology and 4IR to connect, engage, and empower learners, providing access to quality education and training no matter where they are.

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